a view on cultural diversity

What stories hide from being untolled?

Is there urgency?
 - Anyone listening?

Am I the other?
A venture into the cultural, the diverse, the others, the minority.
In other words, a minor on social aspects that are problematic.
At least it seams, that whenever a discours opens up on topics concerning cultures of the world and the diversity within.

One can not deny negatives, when lacking balance.
N. 01
✓ woman ✓ black / latina ✓ lesbian / queer ✓ atheist ✓ artist ✓ victim / survivor ✓ nomad
º . º . º
  “The Secret of Having Wings”

A reference?
A metaphor?
A defense?

Why wings, from all things?

Why a secret?

For whom? Or what?
Did I check all the boxes?

What is my narrative?
N. 02
Nomad's Pass n 0.1
In transit at all times
Passing trough sanded paths
Born in Curacao
Dominican mother
American influences
Residing in The Netherlands
New conversations always involve a questioning of my ethnicity

"... so where are you from?"
I was born in Cur, but I'm half Dominican.
Though I've lives the longest in The Netherlands,
where my grandparents are from,
so I guess I'm Dutch?"