a view on cultural diversity
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Het Gemaal op Zuid
Interesting to hear about their vision of collaborating with the cizitens in the neighbourhood. Combining artistic and social practices, mapping the city and makes an impact by small/big temporary/permanent happenings.
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City in the Making - Neverland Cinema
An innitiative motivated by claiming neglected/vacant properties, to offer as affortable housing/workspaces for residents, artists, graduates and collectives. The location we visited has a space, which serves as an independent and not-for-profit cinema.
Movies screened; "Wit is ook een kleur" (White is also a colour) by Sonny Bergmand & "The watermelon women" by Cheryl Dunye.
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What are the effects of the experiences so far?
- I haven’t been able to experience as much as the other students, due to personal issues. At the moment my mind feels blocked and unable to process.

!Note to self, to not drown in looping thoughts of negativity, remove the noise!

What questions do you now have as a result of the first week?
- What’s my value within this social practice?
- How turn negative experiences into reflections and see solutions/new possibilities?
- Is there a need to be political?
- What's my position? If/When answered, how to approach or use priviliges/restrictions?
- For who[m]?
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Clara Balaguer Lobregat
"Listening" + workshop
When working on social topics and engaging with a community, listening is
key to form a proper balance between facilitator and it's focus group.
All folowed the steps of Clara, guiding us through Paulina Oliveros "Deep Listening Session", followed by a 30min silence, during which independently the seesionwas repeated. This time listening and repeating after P.O. at the same time.
- I've always preferred silence over speach at given moments, it creates moment for reflection and understanding.
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Research mode on OASIS mentorship programme.
What still misses from the plan of approach?
Formulated steps, made a planning, interviewd Karink Arink [Foundation B.A.D.]
Writing of personal questionnaire, for reflection and collaboration purposes.
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A moment of reflection during Monday's class [Oct 1]
What is my position?
Am I once again avoiding confrontation? Still not able to answer week 001 reflection questions.
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Publication assignment #01 - Reshape 3x
01 Notes/List Roll -
When following a subject for a period of time, I like to find ways of making notes taking more interesting, by using different papers/sizes and ways of organising.
As more information is gained, categories/collections are made from indivdual rolls, influencing thoughts of how/what-to write and how it's organised for reading back.

02 Zine -
A DIY format I enjoy working with, the simplicity of making a booklet from scratch using paper and cut-out text/imagery, without technological limitations/influences. Emphasising the basic narrative of what I'm working on and how I narrate/visualise this in a playful way. Insights arise, when collecting material and coming across things you might've not paid attention to at first

03 Handpoke Tattoo - [bind] rune: HARVEST COURAGE -
The story I'm influenced by is my own and now I don't only cary it from the inside, but inked on my body as well. Embody your Knowledge.
I tattoo myself for something to become definite and visible, so to emphasise, create and/or close an event, hapening, meaning and/or urgency.
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"The Secret of Having Wings" was the title of a semi-fictional novel, I'd started to write, but never finished due to unclarity.
The title is a metaphor of happenings and personal perspectives on life, narrated from a critical, physological, artistic and most importantly from the Other's perspective.

Somehow, I got attracked to the concept and decided to apply it to my project within cultural diversity.
It's format still undecided, though with preference to a biographical pocketbook.
- For what purpose? -
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Guest: head of social practices
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My presence was off last week. Past days have been difficult.
Mental state is dissolving, affecting my physical self.
Never confronted by positions and perspectives within the society and it's system.
Cannot avoid the discourse any longer. Feels like going back in time, instead of forward or being present.
Currently interested in minorities, influences of the system and the parental.

Oct 15 -
Had a talk with my SLC [Lizan], she acknowledged my thoughts and emotions, helped to see clearer. My narrative pictured as a dotted spiral, now rests connecting the dots. Find a more accessible and personal artistic way of visualising this.
Concept n.02_A mixed media installation, consisting of 7 elements, visualised by 7 disciplines, I've worked with previously when setting the points.

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Publication assignment #02
Read "Politics of Design" by Ruben Pater
Grouped with Syree, Daan, Ambre & Gitta.
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We choose continued on the entry "Fake Diversity", bu adding "Diversity".
From points of references we discussed during our meetings, I took it upon me to write the entry and make into the image you see below.
Content: Elaborate on the effects of representing diversity in a negative way and added an example on how it could be rightly portrait.
Installation sketch #01